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YACHTING24.com - Online Boat Insurance

YACHTING24 Insures These Boats

You have the option of creating a tailor-made quote for your boat yourself - without further examination by YACHTING24. YACHTING24 reserves the right to only insure known boat types. These must also meet certain criteria in order to make the risk calculable.


Your can insure your boat with YACHTING24 if:

  • it's a production boat
  • it sails under the German, UK, Irish, Dutch or Austrian flag
  • it’s no more than 40 years old*
  • and its current value does not exceed £50,000

YACHTING24 is keen to include all potential boats. Please contact us if your boat does not appear on our list in spite of meeting the above criteria. Click here to go to the form for notifying us of your boat details.


*Some types of boat, e.g. inflatables, must not be more than 5 years old. Boats older than 35 years must have a value of less than £21,000.



Only buy the insurance protection you want. In order to put together your individual quote, click here.

What steps are required and how is a policy created?

What documents should you have to hand?


Example of hull insurance

for your Contessa 32

from as little as 120,00€

or your Sea Ray 225

from as little as 200.00€

Who are YACHTING24?

You should know who you’re buying your insurance from and why you can rely on YACHTING24. Click here for full information.